Month 26: January 2022

Q2-Task 3. ORKA continued to create e-learning training modules in 2D/3D animation

O3- Task 4. Testing and finalizing was continued to perform.

Q3-Task 5. Creating of mobile smartphone application of MariHEALTH (MariHEATH app) was continued.


MariHealth project. What we have aimed

Maritime profession, due to the diversity of risks involved and harshness of working conditions at sea, is acknowledged to be among the one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Seafarers are mandated to spend their work hours and their leisure time saved for relaxing at the end of work day on shipboard. This reality shows that in their work and leisure times, the seafarers are exposed to various hazards and risks.

The limited medical means in particular, insufficient medical intervention and saving service may lead to a more critical nature for any potential accidents occurring at sea. Maintaining optimal medical conditions for seafarers can be directly effective in preventing risks related to safer navigation at sea. MariHEALTH project; by elevating scope and quality of the health services offered to seafarers, aims to be the leader in forming maritime health domain and to play vital role in the identification of criteria to increase medical status of seafarers on an international scale.