Project targets

Targets of this project, based on the interest and business scopes of relevant associates, have been attentively selected as summed up hereinafter:

  • The main objective is to design web-based e-learning/training platform for seafarers and maritime doctors that focuses on advanced medical intervention practices on-board ship. Thanks to the distance education program this objective will remedy current knowledge gaps, update existing knowledge and develop practical skills of seafarers to perform better even in the toughest cases requiring medical intervention.

In this context, medical training modules for seafarers is developed to improve their first aid skills and knowledge as well as keeping them up to date.

  • One of the other targets will be, updated basic-level first aid training program will be provided to keep first-aid skills and knowledge of seafarers. This Program will assist seafarers in putting basic life saving techniques into practice and knowing how to tackle with emergency cases.
  • Devising a medical training program in progress to remedy the maritime–related knowledge gap of doctors issuing seafarers’ medical reports and certificate doctors familiar with unique conditions to sea life has also been listed as one of the project goals.