Month 6 : May 2020

The second meeting was held on 29th May 2019 via Zoom on-line platform due to the Covid-19. The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War II. 2nd project meeting which was expected to perform face to face in Glasgow (UoS) was cancelled by getting permission from Turkish National Agency. In the on-line meeting, presentation from ITU (Emre Akyuz) was performed. Potential impacts/risks of Covid-19 pandemics through project were discussed. Some control action measures were recommended. All partners joined to the meeting. He made a presentation explaining partners “questionnaire survey results” of the project than, shared project updates and completed tasks, activities. Data records captured from Turkish Telehealth records were also shared with partners. Project Coordinator explained project’s training modules than, the draft training module contents were shared within the partners.  Project Coordinator also gave some information about finance and administration. Future tasks and the events in the following months were well received by the partners. The content of the training modules was identified. After creating the content of training modules, the subjects in modules were shared within the partners. The training modules are distributed to the partners (Outcomes 1).

UCTEA is responsible for dissemination activities. All partners are responsible for constantly disseminating of information about the project (aim, assumptions, the outputs, the degree of work performed, EU funding, the partnership) and record these activities as when they are carried and report it. The 3rd Meeting will be hosted by CMU in Romania. Meeting date was set on October/November, the meeting date will be decided according to the work situation of the partners from these dates.

A18- YouTube video: A trailer video was prepared and broadcasted to share objectives, scopes and outcomes of the project.  ORKA prepared youtube video and UCTEA followed situation.

A20- Project website: CMU designed web-site of the project along with ITU. After all of the significant criticisms and corrective actions, a final English version of the content was created. Web page: It is still developing and some modification is applied.