Month 4 : March 2020

Q1-Task 2. Comprehensive data analysis has been made by collecting dataset from Turkish Telehealth records. In the view of data analysis and literature reviewing, survey questions and forms were developed.

Q1-Task 3. ITU and GDHBCA incorporated the comments of partners and finalised the questionnaire and forwarded it to partners for final check before it goes online. UCTEA made it online via social media accounts. Survey Monkey was used to perform questionnaire surveys for seafarers and maritime medical doctors.

The Online Project Journal enabled leading partners to organise and save information that might otherwise be lost or misplaced; to assure historical information is always available for reference by management and partners; as an aid when compiling the interim report (June 2020) and final project reports and to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings.

All partners are responsible for constantly disseminating of information about the project (aim, assumptions, the outputs, the degree of work performed, EU funding, the partnership) and recorded this activities as when they are carried and report it to ITU as leader.In all social media posts, @ulusalajans mention #Erasmusplus hashtag was used including partners own posts.

The project encourages the followers to participate the project indirectly by the involvement of its activities.

– About Measurable quantitative indicators are as listed hereinafter:

– In target groups number of participants of the questionnaire: 300

– On Web platform number of different entries (circa minimum 2.000)

– Likes on Facebook Project (circa minimum 1000)

– LinkedIn served new connections (circa minimum 100)

– Number of applicants to partake in Final seminar (circa minimum 100)

– Number of seafarers in pilot training (circa minimum 12)

– Viewing of the Motivational video of the Project on You Tube (circa minimum 500)