Month 25: December 2021

The workshop on MariHEALTH online training and assessment tool under the MariHEALTH project was organized by Istanbul Technical University on the Zoom on-line platform on 16th December 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic, following a project meeting held on 15th December 2021.

The MariHEALTH workshop was attended by 53 participants (40% international and 60% national) and aimed to discuss the content, delivery method, assessment, and potential barriers of the MariHEALTH project.

Firstly, the aims and objectives of the MariHEALTH project were presented to the group by Assoc. Prof. Emre Akyuz, Project Coordinator from Istanbul Technical University before a demonstration of the training platform was given by Mr. Levent Sen from Orka Informatics.

The second part of the workshop was a discussion that took place in online pools led by a team leader with workshop participants divided into 3 groups which are officers, ratings, and maritime doctors to work on a standard set of questions about the proposed MariHEALTH Tool. Group members were asked to watch the 2D/3D training videos in the specified training modules and answer the end-of-section questions. Finally, group members were expected to discuss and evaluate their educational experiences.

After the discussion session, feedback from each of the 3 groups was given back to the group for consideration. Approximately 75% of the participants stated that the content of online training modules is satisfactory. Assoc. Prof. Emre Akyuz closed the workshop with thanks to all participants.

Q2-Task 3. ORKA continued to create e-learning training modules in 2D/3D animation

Q3- Task 1. Agreement on question development and assessment methods

The partners will discuss and agree an assessment method and will formulate assessment questions

associated with three main e-learning-training modules.

Q3- Task 2. ORKA continued to create assessment tool

Q3- Task 3. User interface for e-learning training modules was created.

O3- Task 4. Testing and finalizing was performed.

Q3-Task 5. Creating of mobile smartphone application of MariHEALTH (MariHEATH app) was started