Month 2 : January 2020

Kick off meeting (KOM) was held in Istanbul, Turkey on 7th January 2020 with the host of ITU. It included an opening reception, which was attended by respected press and high level of representatives in the maritime sector. The reception and meeting were a success as there have been a number of news published by the respected press and magazines across Turkey and in partner countries.

Each partner was explained that they required to present, to the project coordinator, a brief report template showing expenditures of resources and monies relating to their individual budget every six months. The project coordinator conducted a variance comparison to determine if the actual costs incurred comply with the budget projection. Qualifying expenses incurred on the project will be formally identified and approved for payment to the agreed payment schedule. These were discussed in first and second partner meetings to determine any remedial actions to be taken.

The Management Plan was produced very early in the project and introduced to the partners during the kick off meeting in month 2. It provided clear operational procedures and methodologies. The Management Group was by the ITU and produced the Management Plan. All partners reviewed this and will act accordingly (A2).

Q1-Task 1: ITU will develop a draft questionnaire with support of GDHBCA and CMU. It will aim to identificate of training needs of seafarers and medical doctors. A comprehensive literature reviewing was performed by partners. Large data has been collected from “Turkish Telehealth” records associated with what kind of calls/assistances required by seafarers.

A2- Management Plan: It was produced very early in the project and introduced to the partners during the kick off meeting in month 2. It provided clear operational procedures and methodologies. Project coordinator (ITU) distributed the tentative plan to project partners. The Partners had a chance to forge their opinions and comments through tentative plan before attending the meeting and in the preliminary meeting final version of the tentative plan will be confirmed.

A9- Risk Assessment Plan was developed by UCTEA with support from all partners as detailed in the proposal.

Dissemination Plan developed by UCTEA. The Dissemination Group was led by UCTEA along with ITU. They produced the Dissemination Plan. The Dissemination Group reported their dissemination activities in kick off meeting as when they conducted. All reports were collated these in a comprehensive Dissemination of Project Information (A19) and were made available to all partners and the Management Group.

A16- Social Media (Facebook, LInkedin, Twitter): All social media pages were made available to public/ Facebook was used widely with the start of the project. Those pages have been created and links are available in Facebook page. All partners joined these social media pages and contribute as when it is applicable and invite their own networks.

Social media links of the project:

Web page:

Twitter: @MariHEALTHPject (

Linkedin group: MariHEALTH Project

Facebook:  MariHEALTH Project (

A12- Press Release: ITU developed a press release and each partner to translate it in their own language. These press releases sent to local, national and international magazine, newspapers and other media representatives in all partner countries.

A14 – Promotion materials (Logo, Notepads, Pens) – ITU generated the drafts and distribute them to the other partners earlier than the first meeting takes place. The final versions of the materials were confirmed at the first meeting of the project. UoS will perform same work for the next months.

A17- Designing and printing of project brochures: ITU Istanbul Technical University designed a draft of flyers in English and the flyer drafts were discussed by the partnership and then ITU printed in their final form in final conference.