Month 1 : December 2019

The proposed date for the commencement of the project was 1st December 2019 and the project officially will be ended by 31th November 2021.  All these deviations have been closely discussed with the Turkish National Agency and been managed successfully. Interim report will cover the dates of the progress from 1st December 2019 and 31st May 2020 (6 months) as expected.

A detailed projection based on each partner’s budget was drawn up. This projection included the cost of time allocations for human resources, equipment, travel, exceptional costs and the time intervals when these expenditures are due. Risks associated with any items on the budget was identified. Each partner was issued with a copy of the budget projection giving them an informed view of the project financial status.

Collaboration and communication methods between the project partners (CMU, UoS, Orka, GDHBCA, AP&A and UCTEA) have already been established. The project management system allows project coordinator to allocate the tasks to partners. It is also possible to discuss and update the standing of duties, to follow the schedule and to generate the semi-automatic reports. By utilization of this system, project execution will be well-ordered and organized due to the awareness of all project partners regarding their individual responsibilities and their access to all project updates and developments continuously. The system offers modules for storing files, debating, scheduling, generating Gantt chart, financing, public exposure and making the assessment.

A1 – Daily management of the project:

The project team sent a detailed email to each partner about the primary targets of the project within a time limitation. Among other activities, this one includes planning, scheduling, implementation and management of responsibilities, correction of the mistakes and the execution of corrective actions.

A8 – Online project journal:

ITU and UCTEA worked together and created a template for an Online Project Journal that is coordinated on a rotational basis and that was available as an information source to all partners. ITU and UCTEA started to keep record for online project journal in order to systematize and record the important project steps. Online Project Journal (A8) is important to keep the records in chronologically that will systematize the records and prevent to be lost or misplaced.